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COVID-19 Information

Monday 6 April 2020 Update

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We hope you’re all safe and well!

With the ongoing situation around the coronavirus, we would like to keep you updated about Europe Congress events and the EC team at your disposal.

We’re now three weeks working from home and are getting adapted to this new situation whilst working hard on upcoming events and the further improvement of our services.

At the same time, we have been and are working on finding a new date for the upcoming MCE North & West Europe forum, that was scheduled for 7-9 June 2020. We can now mention for certain that this forum will be re-scheduled onwards on the calendar. Together with the Duesseldorf Convention Bureau, the event hotel InterContinental Duesseldorf and other event partners, we hope to give full clarity on the new event dates within the next weeks.

The new dates will assure the highest quality standards as you know and expect from us. As soon as we have reached an agreement, you will be notified immediately. 

We know and realize our role in bringing businesses together to find cooperation will be more important than ever. You can expect our fullest determination to make such happen for all of you, to find the best roads to quick recovery and progress.

In the meantime, the entire EC team remains at your disposal by phone or email.

We're wishing you a wonderful week ahead, with a lot of health and positivity.

Kind regards,

Alain Pallas & the Europe Congress Team

Monday 16 March 2020 Update

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
With the rapid change of the worldwide situation influenced by the coronavirus in the last weeks, we would like to update you on the work status within Europe Congress and the direction we have chosen for our upcoming events. 

It has become clear that many governments realize the medical systems are not capable of caring for the sharply increasing number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 that need extra care. This is not to be ignored and we should all assist in obeying the strict rules as set out by the many governments. We need to do that for the medical staff who are risking their health and are in real trouble with the increased numbers of cases to handle. We need to do that for all people that are suffering from COVID-19 and who deserve the care from the brave caretakers. 
From the end of the last week, we have implemented home office at Europe Congress. Alike in many European and worldwide countries, the Czech Republic is in lockdown status with only limited life necessity shops being open and borders closed to halt the rapid growth. We’re normally reachable via telephone and email, continue to work on the progress of the planned events and will be keeping you updated.
We’re positive and we believe that, with everyone putting in their best effort, we can also restore tourism soon. We have not yet taken any decision on our 2020 upcoming events but will keep you informed whether they will happen as scheduled or may be postponed. With the limited knowledge we all have with this situation, we feel it is best to carefully keep on reviewing the situation. We’re in touch with the various governments, health authorities, event partners and other stakeholders to be sure to make a well thought through decision. 
Our prime objective remains to deliver quality services benefiting your business. And of course, within a safe environment to assure everyone’s wellbeing and comfort to be ready to form new business relations.
In the coming period we’ll be discovering a lot of new emotions, ways of communication, ways of life with new challenges but also with many eye-openers and new ideas. We would like to focus on what we can learn, change and improve. Let’s take well care of each other in order to create an even better future. 
For now, we want to wish you a lot of health, strength, positivism, and love.
Best regards,
Alain Pallas & the Europe Congress Team